Art pieces for"The Charming Apocalypse"

This group of contemporary art paintings called "The charming apocalypse" was born originally for an exhibition at Roll Up Gallery in San Francisco, California in 2016. Subsequently I have been making other paintings that I have incorporated into the collection by similar subject matter in the works.

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I have always believed in art as a way of expressing the contemporary world and reflecting its problems and situations. The art world has done this since its beginnings. All artists have worked to reflect the world around them. From portraying kings and legends to mural paintings in cathedrals with religious scenes.

It could be considered that at one point modern art or contemporary art breaks with this philosophy of artistically expressing the world around the artist, but from my point of view it is not so. It reflects it in another way, other concepts, but always, always in the art world it reflects the world in which we live, in this case, as a painter.

Linked to the above, we live in a complicated and complex world today. The industrial revolution and the expansion of capitalism to the farthest corners of the world and of the human essence has left the planet in a critical situation and consequently, also our future as a specie on the planet.

The pollution of the earth, air and oceans, global warming, the extinction of animal species are today, our environment, our world to describe. (It is important to understand that when I speak of artists, I often refer to painters, which is what I do and what I know best. I understand that the term artist also includes actors, sculptors, etc.).


Many painters today, reflect this new reality. Either as a reflection or as criticism, which has led to a new term which is the "Artivist" or "Artivism". It’s used for artists, who uses their art; painting, sculpture, illustration, performance etc. to criticize the current situation of the planet.

In my case, much of my inspiration to paint paintings within contemporary art is the denunciation through them of this situation.

In this way, for many years I have been doing my paintings of modern art, understanding as "modern" as a way to explain the contemporary moment in works of art. And from my point of view, pollution, climate change and how all this affects the extinction of other species or the destruction of this beautiful planet is an important and interesting subject to reflect in my paintings and art pieces. Above all, to try through the contemporary art to make the viewer aware that we have to act. And as the way I have to express myself is contemporary painting, so I do.

In this way and with this motive was born this group of artworks called "The charming apocalypse". Part of this series of paintings were presented in an art exhibition at the Roll up Gallery in San Francisco in 2016 and another art show at Nasty Garage in Barcelona in 2017.