Art Show L'artelier. Tarbes. France

In July 2020, after months of the covid pandemia and months of being closed in my apartment in Barcelona I decided to make a move. I was moving to France. In my way to find a house in the French Basque Country, I found an apartment in the city of Tarbes, next to Pau. In the area of Occitane, and next to the Pyrinees. An amazing beautiful place.

Full of excitment, I got my paintings, brushes, canvases, surfboards etc. I filled my van and I left behind again the city were I was born and that I always have been trying to scape. This is how I end up in Tarbes.

I always thought that being a contemporary artist, mean you need to find new influences, landscapes, motivations to keep your art fresh, to keep evolving. For me, this search for art motivation has been pushing me to move from one place to another, Barcelona, San Francisco, India, France...

So in my search for art motivation and finding new ideas for my paintings and illustrations, I end up in Tarbes, where I had a great time.

In that city I met the great guys of L'Artelier Tarbes and this is how my first art show in France was born.

Picture of the opening of my art show in Tarbes, France

So in the month of October of 2020 I had the opportunity to show my contemporary and modern paintings in this great Gallery. I was kind of a retrospective of my work, where I showed paintings done in California, Barcelona and France.

The art show was also described in an article in Bigorre magazine

my first conemporary art exhibition in France

So I was really happy to be able to show some of my artwork, just 3 months of my arriving to France. At that time was really difficult as well to do events, so the pandemia of covid was still dangerous. Just at the end of the art show, end of october, another lockdown was mandatory by the French Government. So I actually couldn't recover my pieces until end of november.

Picture of me and my painting in my contemporary art show in Tarbes, France.

I am really grateful to L'artelier people of giving me this opportunity of having my first art show France. Some of the painting are available in my online art gallery if you are interested.

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