Paintings of the Basque Country

In this group of contemporary paintings I explore the landscapes of the French Basque country. It is a group of art pieces made with acrylic paint on canvas, where I reflect the impact that my new place of residence is having in  my artistic world and my artwork.

In the year 2020, after passing the pandemic and its confinement. I decided to move to the place where I had always spent long periods of time for good. The French Basque country. More specifically to a small village next to Bayonne. 

Among many of the objectives of this move, one was to receive new artistic inspirations. As a contemporary artist, it is important to receive new impacts, in order to be able to experiment with the painting and create interesting new art pieces. 

Modern art today is made up of many different lines that converge into a whole that we call modern art or contemporary art, and from my point of view it is important to review your work from time to time in order to focus on where you want to go with  your art, or in this case my painting, to go.


Definitely, what I call my new home did not take long to impact my artistic vision and therefore how I reflect these visual impacts in contemporary art works of painting on canvas. The ocean, the mountains, the waves, the architecture, the local people and their customs and the local art of the French Basque country are genuine to the place, which form a peculiar culture and way of life.

Urban centers such as Bidart, Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz or Bayonne are incredibly beautiful places, bathed by the sea and the mountains, which for centuries have created a peculiar and special space, which has undoubtedly inspired artists of different nationalities and times.


All this has been captured in my paintings over the months. I have let all this spirit permeate my art and my paintings. Without reflecting too much, just letting all these elements pass from the senses directly to my contemporary art pieces. Paintings that flow with the local colors and largely reflect how I find myself in this new place. That is why this collection of modern artwork is called Paintings from the Basque Country".



If you are interested in buying some of this paintings, please don’t hesitate in contacting me here, or buy it directly through my art online shop.