Extinction Art serie

In this group of contemporary art paintings I analyze and dissect the concept of animal extinction in today's world. It is a set of paintings made with acrylic paint on canvas where in a visual and artistic way I try to reflect on some of the consequences of the modern world that man has created and that affects other species.

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"At this moment there are 8,673 species in danger of extinction on our planet. "*.


"In 60 years 40% of the species have disappeared."


*According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened species. International organization that monitors endangered species on planet earth.



"Extinction" is a contemporary art project with the aim of raising awareness about such a problem through modern art and the visual impact it creates. A set of paintings that aims to unite art, science and environmental awareness.


 Through paintings of pop and comic influence (my personal style) in which I work on the issue of how some of these species on the list are disappearing from our home, the planet earth, mainly due to actions, effects and circumstances caused by humans. A visual and artistic impact that invites a deeper reflection on its content.


This is a pictorial exhibition project which aims to induce reflection on the current situation of the planet through those inhabitants who have no voice but suffer the consequences. Uniting art, science and awareness.

From the point of view of art, painting, which can achieve visual impact, deep reflection, change and action.


Art has always played an important role in explaining contemporary time, as well as other artistic fields such as literature or photography. There are more and more contemporary artists who use their loudspeaker (their artistic pieces) to explain/criticize the current world we live in, which in its capitalist voracity gobbles up all the planet's resources, leaving a planet in serious trouble for future generations. Examples of these contemporary artists who work exclusively in this line range from the well-known Bansky or Shepard Fairey (Obey) to others like the Valencian Dulk.


Personally I have always believed in the capacity of art, in my case contemporary painting, as a political weapon to create an impact and an action on those issues that concern me or seem interesting to me. That is why many of my paintings talk about climate change or pollution.   

In this case, in this group of paintings, I move away from some of my characters and create new ones to reflect on the extinction of animals on planet earth. This problem, which almost always has its origin in the action of human beings.